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       down the foundation, the development of uphold the endless life philosophy of life, through the international standards of modern scientific management system, the flag of the group from the talent base to draw a healthy nutrition elements to ensure that enterprises orderly development. deep-rooted, flourishing, in the new century, the flag of the group has become the world's attention business superstar.

kibing vision: look at the world, to build the flagship industry classic brand, to achieve the goal of a century foundation
kibing's core values: three stress, "stress integrity; emphasis on people; emphasis on excellence"
kibingg spirit: five have, "with the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, with the spirit of unity and cooperation, with the spirit of compliance, with diligent and pragmatic spirit, with the spirit of responsibility"

kibing slogan: the feelings of the public, integrity forever
kibing brand: three high brand, "high visibility, high loyalty, high degree of development"
kibing service: five heart service, "sincere, caring, concentrate, worry, patience"

kibing people code of conduct: six requirements, "requires responsibility for the requirements of conservation, requiring discipline, demanding loyalty, demanding, requires unity"
citizenship manager professional norms: six against, "against the abuse of power, against the shirk of responsibility, against the bullying, against the subjective assumptions, against favoritism, against masculism"

kibing basic management requirements

familiar with the various aspects of the work, work processes and business issues;
have a sense of advance, in-depth understanding, extensive communication;
put forward the solution, the implementation of the program;
further study and discuss, determine the rationale for the solution and implementation of the program, and develop a corresponding work execution plan, a clear completion time, the implementation of the work responsibility;
strict implementation, supervision and implementation;
the implementation of the decision-making work plan, to understand the implementation, do not understand the implementation, must immediately enter the implementation phase. on the implementation of those who can be decisive to ensure the smooth development of work;
the new situation in the implementation process, new problems, to the premise of efficiency, decisive decision-making, without delay the smooth progress of the work.

kibing group main business philosophy

kibing spirit - unremitting progress and continuous innovation
kibing target - casting classic brand achievements century enterprise
operating principle - benefit first customer satisfaction
flag bin character - people - oriented honest and trustworthy
flag breeze style - vigorous and resolute simple effect
management concept - pre-managed tracking execution
employer concept - heavy virtue can be eclectic
team spirit - work together
qi bin responsibility - responsible to the community responsible for the employees
quality concept - to exceed customer demand for quality standards
flag city beliefs - a goal, a voice, a pace, a flagfront

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