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bring beauty and enjoyment for users


bring beauty and enjoyment for users

kibing glass can not use the light control device to maximize the use of light, and does not affect the energy efficiency
and architectural space of the aesthetic level. everyone needs a vast outdoor view,
the glass in the room can be partially or fully controlled by artificial control to optimize natural lighting and vision, thereby enhancing tenant satisfaction.
energy-saving smart glass assembly to improve the performance of the glass can block the heat of the sun, or allow the sun to enter into the use of natural heating and lighting.
kibing offers you a set of energy-efficient, comfortable high-quality living environment for a user experience solution.

float glass: float glass surface smooth without ripples, good perspective; specifications can be done with the flexibility to reduce the loss of slices. is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass, light transmission rate of 91% or more, with crystal clear, elegant and elegant features. can be widely applied to the steel, rewan, sandwich, hollow, furniture, coating, mirror, automotive, optical instruments and other processing. commonly used in solar thin-film battery ultra-white conductive film substrate glass, senior building interior and exterior decoration (partition, doors and windows, curtain wall, stair rails, high-grade silver mirror, etc.), display cabinets, household appliances, lighting, mosaic products, glass furniture and bathroom series the

photovoltaic glass: back glass is mainly used for double glass components, with ordinary float glass as the base film, the milling and drilling, grinding with a special process processing, a significant reduction in glass edge defects. and then through the steel processing, and ordinary backplane (tpt) compared to the specific quality of the back glass. mainly used in thin-film solar cell components with back glass, photoelectric building integrated solar cell components with glass.

energy-saving glass: energy-saving glass is usually insulated and insulated, the type of heat-absorbing glass, heat-emitting glass, low-radiation glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass and ordinary glass. china is in the heyday of construction, the annual completion of housing nearly 20 million square meters, and can achieve the national energy-saving standards of the building only about 10%; and about 40 billion square meters in the building, more than 95% building can be seen in china to implement energy-saving building has been urgent. the most direct factor affecting building energy consumption is the building maintenance structure of the insulation and insulation performance, doors and windows is one of the weakest link. according to statistics, in the building doors and windows of the energy consumption of about 35% of the total building energy consumption, so the application of energy-saving glass in building energy efficiency is of great significance.

electronic glass: electronic glass (electronic glass), generally refers to 0,1 ~ 2mm thickness of the ultra-thin float glass, can be applied to the electronics, microelectronics, optoelectronics field of a class of high-tech products, mainly for the production of integrated circuit and a photoelectric, thermoelectric, sound and light, magneto-optical and other functional components of the glass material. control diversification: manual, remote control, light control, voice control, infrared, remote network control. often used in the national large-scale command and control dispatch center office, conference room, negotiation room, hospital special ward, operating room, villa bathroom, shower room, entertainment rooms and doors, partitions, screens, etc., public security, courts, prisons, museums, bank windows, curtain walls, counters, partitions, etc., large special screen projection screen and so on.

types and applications of glass

first, the characteristics and use of insulating glass
        insulating glass is composed of two or more layers of ordinary flat glass. surrounded by high strength, high air tightness, the composite adhesive, the two or more pieces of glass and seal, glass bar adhesive seal, the middle filled with dry gas, the box filled with desiccant to ensure that glass air dryness. its characteristics, due to leave a certain cavity, and has a good insulation, insulation, noise and other properties. mainly used for heating, air conditioning, silencer facilities of the outer glass decoration. its optical performance, thermal conductivity, sound insulation coefficient should meet the national standard.

second, the characteristics and use of tempered glass
        tempered glass, also known as tempered glass. it is the use of heating to a certain temperature after the rapid cooling method, or chemical methods for special treatment of glass. its characteristics are high strength, its bending strength, impact resistance than ordinary flat glass 3 to 5 times higher. safety performance, there is a uniform internal stress, broken mesh was cracked. mainly used for doors and windows, partition walls and cabinet doors. tempered glass is still acid and alkali. the general thickness is 2-5 mm. its size is 400 mm x900 mm, 500 mm x 1200 mm.

third, the characteristics and use of wire
        silk glass, also known as broken glass. it is the ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softening state, and then preheated wire or barbed wire into the middle of the glass made of. its characteristics are superior fire resistance, can block the flame, high temperature combustion does not burst, broken will not cause debris wounding. there are also anti-theft performance, glass cut and barbed wire barrier. mainly used for roof skylights, balcony windows.

fourth, the characteristics and use of laminated glass
        laminated glass is a kind of safety glass. it is between two or more pieces of flat glass, embedded in a transparent plastic sheet, and then by hot pressing the plane or bending of the composite glass products. its main feature is the safety is good, broken, the glass fragments are not scattered, can only produce radial cracks, not hurt. impact strength is better than ordinary flat glass, good anti - off. and have light, heat, moisture, cold, noise and other special features. used for doors and windows bordering the outside. the thickness of the laminated glass is generally 6-10 mm, the specification is 800 mm x1000 mm, 850 mm x1800 mm.


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