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heyuan kibing silicon industry co., ltd

       heyuan qibin silicon industry co. ltd was established in january 2011, the company is located at dongyuan county, heyuan city, guangdong province. covering an area of 900 acre, the company has two production lines at present with the daily melting capacity of 1,400 tons.
around this area, there is a high-quality low-iron quartz sand resource with a total storage of 5.32 million tons and the annual yield mining quantity is 280 thousand tons. apart from this, an annual output of 200 thousand tons of ultra-white sand production line and 300 thousand tons of high quality white production line has been built up already. all the above make heyuan qibin silicon co. ltd to be the base of developing high-tech photovoltaic products as well as low-iron quartz sand industrial.

河源旗滨硅业有限公司 heyuan kibing silicon industry co., ltd.
地址 address:广东省河源市东源县蓝口镇  guangdong province heyuan city dongyuan county lankou town
邮编 zip code:517564
电话 tel:86-762-8807916
传真 fax:86-762-8807995

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