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kibing group (singapore) limited

       kibing group (singapore) co., ltd. was established in january 2, 2014, the registered capital of 9 million us dollars, is zhuzhou kibing group co., ltd. wholly-owned sun, zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. the company's main business is investment holding and import and export business.

       kibing group (singapore) ltd. is the first step in the kibing group's strategy to operate its business in singapore and to achieve its strategy. its main functions involve seeking foreign trade financing channels, benefiting from favorable tax policies, maintaining close contact with the international traders of glass and bulk raw materials, highly monitoring the international market price movements, expanding new sales networks, and setting up business international brand image.

旗滨集团(新加坡)有限公司 kibing group (singapore) limited
地址 address:16 tannery lane,08-00 crystal time building ,singapore
邮编 zip code:347778
电话 tel: 65 6547 4826
传真 fax: 65 6547 4827

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