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chenzhou qibin pv & photoelectric glass co. ltd

         chenzhou qibin pv & photoelectric glass co. ltd is located at ziwu industrial park, zixing district, chenzhou city, hunan province, a subsidiary wholly owned by zhuzhou qibin group co. ltd which relied on the zixing’s rich silica mineral resource. it has a total investment of 730 million rmb and the whole project covers an area of 236 thousand square kilometers. the company mainly focused on research and development, production and sale of pv (photovoltaic), photoelectric glass as well as superior ultra-clear float glass.

         the first construction stage of the company has a 1000t/d pv and photoelectric glass production line, which adopts the cutting-edge manufacturing technology and technical equipment. apart from this, under the help of advanced device and manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights, the company is always on the way of pursuing professional science and delicacy management. the products have frontier level both domestically and internationally which will bring benefits to our economy and society.

chenzhou kibing photovoltaic photoelectric glass co., ltd

address:chenzhou city, hunan province, cixi city, tang dong street, five industrial park on the 9th high road
zip code:423400

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