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zhejiang provincial people’s congress standing committee deputy director cheng weishan to changxing company research

      may 12, 2016, deputy secretary of the party committee of zhejiang provincial people's congress standing committee, deputy director cheng weishan rate huzhou mayor chen weijun, changxing county party secretary lu zhiliang and provincial, city and county government departments at all levels of more than 50 people accompanied by chairman and general manager of liu, changxing kibing glass co., ltd. carried out on-site research on environmental protection system, and listened to changhong company's report on environmental protection facilities construction.

       changxing company environmental protection flue gas treatment system is the most advanced waste heat power generation, semi-dry desulfurization, denitrification, dust integration facilities, the current emission index is better than the national standard, the system is running stable. the environmental protection system put into operation, so that changxing company from the original acquisition of the initial smoke rolling to the present incognito emissions, the annual reduction of emissions of sulfur dioxide 6,500 tons, 3,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, to promote regional economic, social and environmental coordination, sustainable development out of a greater contribution.

        cheng weishan director of changxing company in the work of air pollution control work fully affirmed the effectiveness of the chairman of the board headed by the management team in the air pollution prevention and control work to make a high degree of praise, but also pointed out that to continue for the short board grasp the promotion, strengthen internal control, optimize the process control, steadily improve the environmental management work, create a beautiful natural environment.


cheng zhuren in listening to liu total on the introduction of desulfurization conditions

director cheng to listen to environmental technology to explain

secretary jing wen yu map


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