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liling kibing overall relocation upgrade project won the liling city project construction management advanced engineering award

       with the liling oxygen combustion production line put into operation, marking the overall relocation of zhuzhou renovation and upgrading projects all completed on schedule, but also highlight the flag to create a clean water pond water lake ecological city, to speed up the construction of two types of society and urban development, promote industrial restructuring upgrade to make a great contribution.

       after the start of the overall relocation project, the zhuzhou municipal party committee, the municipal government and the liling municipal party committee, the municipal government and the relevant departments of the strong support, making the company to upgrade the work of the relocation and renovation work plan. during the three-year project construction period, the company held the general idea of "scientific site selection, policy support, paid relocation and industrial upgrading", and strictly promulgated the project construction according to the project approval regulations, safety, energy saving and environmental protection. five production lines and ancillary projects completed on schedule, but also created a glass industry five production lines at the same time started construction of the precedent, the project was in 2015, "liling city project construction and management advanced project award", the recent liling municipal government to give wu million reward to commend my company in the construction of liling project to make the contribution.

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