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kibing group energy-saving glass conference at shenzhen

"today is a special day, marking kibing group officially entered into energy-saving glass industry!" kibing group president mr. zhang bozhong excitedly said that the sonorous voice resounded throughout the venue. 13-12-2017, kibing group energy-saving  glass conference held at shenzhen wuzhou guest house, led by president and group president mr. zhang bozhong members of the department attended the meeting, the conference is invited to china building glass and industrial glass association assistant president lihui, china construction metal structure association curtain wall committee expert adviser jiang chengai and other leading experts. on the day, well-known real estate developers, design institutes and domestics major curtain wall companies from all over china and some overseas regions gathered together. nearly 200 people witnessed this historic moment together. 

at the press conference, group president mr. zhang bozhong gave an opening speech and company strategic positioning, development goals and brand philosophy. he pointed out that kibing group has been in the glass industry for over 12 years and has made unremitting efforts to become the largest flat glass manufacturer enterprises  in china with the new management team constantly making changes and innovations. in terms of product upgrading, internal management, energy saving and emission reduction, etc. lay a solid foundation. in the future, we will continue to be support by a strong flat glass industry and make the energy-saving glass industry bigger and stronger. at the same time, we will as always adhere to the management philosophy of high-quality products and efficient after-sales service. he emphasized that as a new member of energy-saving glass, we must become the industry leader in achieving or even surpassing the existing highest level in the industry as quickly as possible.

li hui, assistant president of china building glass and industrial glass association, and jiang chengai, expert advisor of the curtain wall committee of china building metal structure association delivered speeches. mr. li hui praised kibing as a mainstream large-scale glass enterprise, which has the ideal and the pursuit, the innovation and the due diligence, attaches importance to the development of science and technology, and did the right thing at the right time. mr. jiang chengai expressed his warm welcome to kibing group's entry into the energy-saving glass market. he believed that kibing energy-saving products will certainly be getting better and better, contributing new strength to the healthy development of the industry. mr. li hui, assistant president of china building glass and industrial glass association mr. jiang chengai, expert advisor, china building metal structure association curtain wall committee.

group vice president mr. hu yong and group sales director mr. ling genlue delivered the topic of "kibing new journey" and "kibing energy-saving glass marketing strategy and market positioning", respectively, focusing on the energy-saving glass management team that the industry and customers are generally concerned with. construction, market layout, product positioning, marketing strategy, marketing model and quality assurance and delivery to the guests made a detailed report and answer. in future, kibing group will have variety of products, high-quality, fast delivery service, improve after-sale protection, and customers reached a depth of cooperation and create a better future.

through this conference, attendees have a new understanding of kibing group and the cooperation on the future will be clearer. many of our customers are eager to start further cooperation as soon as possible. at the same time, taking this activity as an opportunity, kibing group will further carry out technical services and marketing activities in all major regions of the country so that the entire market can quickly understand kibing group, learn about kibing products and push the group's glass business to the new height. 


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