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kibing group - 2018 annual meeting

on 26th and 27th dec 2017, kibing group 2018 annual meeting is held in dongshan, fujian. this meeting summarizes the work result of the 2017 and systematically deployed the work in 2018. more than 80 of group management and secondary level executives attended the meeting. the actual controller mr yu qibing made an important speech. group president mr. zhang bozhong, presented the annual work report respectively.

mr yu, the president, made a speech at the meeting, fully affirming the group's top-down transformation and the phased achievements made this year. he pointed out, over the past year kibing group has undergone tremendous changes in asset investment, business philosophy, production management, technology, product quality, market supply & marketing, financial management and others. president said that there are still some deficiencies and problems that have not yet been found in the course of the change. it is impossible to solve the problems overnight, it is believed that the new management team will overcome the difficulties in the future and will continue to the reform of the kibing group.

in the annual work report, group president mr zhang have pointed out that 2017 is the year of kibing group's all-round reform and innovation. emancipating the mind, self-denying and innovation has become the main theme of the whole year. throughout the year, "innovation, efficient "business purpose, work to rationalize the management structure, establish and improve the management system, strengthen team building, standardize the production and operation, improve the technology  level, improve product quality, energy saving, environmental compliance discharge, reduce the operation costs, prevention of business risk and asset risk, and construction of new projects. kibing  group annual operating profit continued to maintain steady growth. according to the annual business development, mr zhang pointed out the existing problems and deficiencies in stream of consciousness, safety management, product quality, kiln operation, energy saving, production and operation stability, cost control, environmental protection and project management where, and put forward a clear request for rectification. on how to promote the year 2018  kibing group's various tasks to the full implementation, mr zhang made specific work requirements and management measures in aspects of personnel, quality improvement, project construction, brand strategy and internal control audit and other aspects of work requirement and management measures.

during the meeting, the participants were divided into 3 discussion groups. flat glass group 1, flat glass group 2 and engineering glass group 3. at the seminar, members of each group analyzed the problems existing in the current production and operation and put forward corresponding improvement methods. leaders of the meeting mr yu and mr zhang attended each group discussion meetings respectively,  listen to each level and analysis the reports of the second-tier companies and put forward clear requirements.

in recognition of the emergence of advanced teams and individuals in the past year, the conference honored the team that made breakthrough progress in coating line manufacturing and combustion testing, as well as individuals who have achieved outstanding results in environmental protection and energy saving. among them, our group development and research institute - coating line manufacturing team, the combustion test group won the first prize respectively; heyuan kibing - second-tier manufacturing division won the second prize; group development and research institute - chen fahong & group production and operation supervision center – wei fenli awarded the third prize respectively. through this commendation ceremony, we will honor the promotion step and set an example for gathering power. in the future, the group will further improve the evaluation mechanism and create a favorable environment for appraising.
on 27th afternoon, the 2018 annual meeting of kibing group ended successfully. group president mr zhang made a final concluding speech. he emphasized that next year all managers should adhere to the corporate philosophy of "reform, innovation, unity and efficiency" and take a new look, full of enthusiasm and positive attitude to meet the overall transformation of the enterprise and to work in truly concert with one heart to overcome difficulties and promote the overall level of kibing staff every six months on a small promotion, and a big promotion each year.

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