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on may 21, 2020 morning, the vice governor of hunan province and party member chen fei a line, the zhuzhou municipal party committee secretary of the hair off, liling hu xiang accompanied, secretary of municipal party committee to flag marina liling park visit investigation, liling zhao, general manager of marina, liling chen xin, hunan energy-saving assistant general manager, general manager of electronic glass huang wanqing warm reception.

walking into kibing group liling park, vice governor chen fei and his team visited the liling electronic project production line, listened to general manager chen xin's introduction on the electronic glass production process, the company's production and operation, and watched the liling electronic production and development of high aluminum ultra-thin electronic glass up close. later, chen, vice governor of the delegation toured the float glass and energy-saving glass production line project, the flag marina group go all out to catch production achievements gave full affirmation, and hopes to flag marina group continue to slowly but surely stick to industrial, further play the leading role of leading enterprises, key enterprises, for a greater contribution to the local economy.

kibing group will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of "unremitting progress and continuous innovation", adhere to innovation-driven development, aim at the forefront of industrial science and technology, vigorously promote technological change and transformation and upgrading, set an industrial benchmark, and lead the development of the industry.

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