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kibin group won nearly ten million awards from liling city

on the morning of june 12, zhuzhou kibin group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as kibin group) won the 2019 "four ten rules" policy award of liling city with a compensation of 9.636 million yuan. zhao jun, general manager of zhuzhou liling kibin glass co., ltd., attended the meeting on behalf of kibin group and received nearly 10 million yuan from hu xiang, secretary of the municipal party committee.

as the only listed company on the main board in liling city, kibin group achieved an operating revenue of 9.306 billion yuan and a net profit of 1.346 billion yuan in 2019, and continued to be listed as "top 100 hunan enterprises in 2019", making outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of zhuzhou and liling areas. among them, the wholly-owned subsidiary of kibin group, zhuzhou liling kibin glass co., ltd., with a revenue of 1.759 billion yuan, ranks 13th among the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in 2019 in zhuzhou city, and 7th among the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in 2019 in zhuzhou city in terms of tax payment, making a huge contribution to tax revenue.

2019 is the key year for kibin group to continue to deepen the reform and industrial diversification. in this year, the group has determined the development strategy outline of "one body, two wings", taking scale development, high-quality products and high-end products as the medium and long-term development objectives, supporting the implementation of the medium and long-term incentive plan, establishing the strategic objectives of "becoming stronger and bigger" and "high-quality development" of kibin group, and continues to deepen the cultivation and development french glass, energy-saving building glass, production of high-performance electronic glass, accelerate the construction of neutral borosilicate medical glass project.

at the same time, the kibin group continued to strengthen its own construction, promote a deeper level of energy conservation and consumption reduction, cost reduction and efficiency increase, actively respond to market changes and challenges, realize the smooth operation of production and operation and orderly promotion of project construction, steadily improve the operation quality, and continuously enhance the core competitiveness.  

at present, kibin group has a total market value of more than 15 billion yuan, more than 7500 employees, the largest floating glass production line in asia, and five high-quality green placers in liling, chenzhou, zixing, heyuan, guangdong, zhangzhou, fujian, and malaysia; in liling, chenzhou, hunan, zhangzhou, fujian, heyuan, shaoxing, changxing, pinghu, zhejiang and simeland, malaysia there are eight float glass production bases, six energy-saving glass production bases invested in liling, guangdong heyuan, shaoxing, changxing, tianjin and malaysia, solar photovoltaic glass production base and pharmaceutical glass production base in chenzhou, hunan and high-performance electronic glass production base in liling.

in the future, it is believed that under the guidance and support of relevant policies of liling municipal party committee and government, many industrial projects of kibin group will further promote the development of logistics, supporting and related industries in liling area, help the construction of dongfu industrial park into a glass industrial park of the whole industrial chain, make every effort to promote the "acceleration" of industry, and build the industrial park into a "ten billion industry, characteristic park ",and also inject more power and vitality into liling's social and economic development.

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