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kibing group’s first safety production month ends

on june 30, the first safety production month of kibing group was successfully concluded.

since june 1, all units of kibing group have carried out the first "safety production month" activity with the theme of "eliminating accident hidden danger and strengthening safety defense line", and carried out special safety management, rectification and publicity actions within the whole group in stages and focuses, which enhanced the safety production awareness and ability of all employees.

during the activity, according to the group's unified deployment, all units of the group closely followed the theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a strong security line of defense", combined with the current situation of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and adopted the method of online and offline combination to carry out nearly 100 swearing mobilization, hidden danger investigation, theme propaganda, knowledge competition, science popularization and education, theme solicitation, emergency drill, safety broadcast, etc colorful and effective safety production month series activities.

this year's "safety production month" has been closed, but safety production is always on the way. in the next step, kibing group will continue to tighten the string of safety production, promote enterprises to implement the main responsibility of safety production, and constantly strengthen the work of safety production.

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