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2020 mid-term meeting of kibing group

from july 15 to 17, the mid-term work meeting of qibin group in 2020 was held in dongshan, fujian province. the meeting comprehensively and systematically reviewed the production and operation of the group in the first half of 2020, and focused on the work of the second half of the year. more than 100 senior managers of the group and secondary companies attended the meeting.


mr. xiong hui, executive president of the parent company fujian kibing group, delivered a speech on behalf of the actual controller, mr. yu; president zhang baizhong made the interim work report; and chairman yao peiwu presided over the meeting.


in his speech, mr. yu said that the first half of 2020 was the most extraordinary. in the face of the raging epidemic, the management team with president zhang baizhong as the core met the difficulties, calmly responded and actively acted. as a result, no staff in kibing were infected and no production line was shut down. all production indicators also reached a historical good level, which was for the benefit of shareholders and social stability a satisfactory answer was given. to this end, he expressed his affirmation and congratulations to the management team with president zhang baizhong as the core, and extended his heartfelt thanks to all kibing’s employees.

at the same time, yu stressed that the epidemic situation has not been completely ended, the risks still exist, and the task is becoming more and more arduous. but the more difficult it is, the more it can reflect and test the level of kibing group; the more pressure, the more able to tap and play the management team ability. the task pressure in the second half of this year is not small, but i believe that with the tenacious struggle of all the executives present and the hard work of all the staff, kibing will certainly be able to achieve the business objectives of the whole year.


zhang baizhong, president of the company, delivered a work report for the first half of 2020. he made a phased summary on float glass, energy-saving glass, placer management, safety management, procurement management, internal control audit, headquarters functions, r & d management, talent team construction, electronic glass development, borosilicate glass development, etc.

at the same time, the president also deployed the key tasks for the second half of the year, requiring the management team to focus on key issues such as budget indicators, human resource management, planning implementation, new industry innovation and breakthrough, capital management, etc., and asked everyone to be strict with themselves, practice hard, actively respond, help each other in the same boat, forge ahead bravely, and lead the flag coast warships to ride through the wind and waves and be invincible 。


yao peiwu, chairman of the board of directors, summarized and reviewed the work of the board of directors for half a year from the perspective of industry operation and capital market, and deployed the work of the board of directors in the second half of the year from the aspects of epidemic prevention and control, capital utilization, risk prevention, continuous incentive and value creation.


financial director zhang guoming, vice president ling genlue, vice president zhou jun and audit internal control director yan wendou respectively summarized and reported the work in charge in the first half of 2020, and put forward requirements for relevant key work in the rest of 2020.


after the plenary meeting, the participants were divided into three groups: float, energy saving and placer. members of each group reported and exchanged views on the work of each unit in the first half of the year, and put forward opinions and measures on how to implement the production and operation objectives in the second half of the year in combination with the actual situation of the unit. mr. xiong hui, mr. zhang baizhong, mr. yao peiwu and other leaders respectively participated in the group discussion, listened to the reports of each unit, and put forward specific suggestions and clear requirements for the problems in the production and operation of each unit in the first half of the year. at the same time, it also discusses and analyzes the work plan and key tasks of each unit in the second half of the year. each group discussed free speech, collective wisdom, efficient communication, output a number of implementation plans.


in addition, on the afternoon of the 15th before the formal start of the mid-term meeting, a cadre management training seminar was held with the participation of personnel at or above the general manager level of each unit. focusing on the concept and objectives determined in the group's development planning outline, from the aspects of strategy, r & d, production and marketing, the seminar focused on how to strengthen cadre management, improve team performance, promote r & d innovation, and achieve technological breakthroughs, furthermore, the company has carried out in-depth discussions on how to match the organizational development, support the realization of the group's business objectives, and ensure high-quality development, and all of them have signed the letter of commitment on integrity and self-discipline.


on the afternoon of 17th, the 2020 mid-term working meeting of kibing group was successfully concluded. in his concluding speech, president zhang baizhong stressed that the group will face great business pressure in the second half of the year. however, kibing group's belief in advancing and developing is firm and steady. all kibing’s people should continue to put safety in the first place, pay more attention to high-quality development, continue to live a tight life, take cadre management as the management focus, be pragmatic, efficient and never forget we should keep the mission in mind, share the same desire and make concerted efforts to ensure the smooth realization of the 2020 target of kibing group and the early achievement of the strategic goal of "becoming stronger and bigger".

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