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kibing group’s official recruitment platform online

kibing group online recruitment platform - "kibing recruitment" small program and micro official website officially opened online!
there are 4 job sequences, 8 float glass production bases, more than 20 subsidiary companies, more than 40 types of jobs and nearly 1000 jobs. we will launch the talent introduction plan for the world. we welcome you to actively introduce or recommend.

no matter where you are, as long as you like our kibing, you can search the "kibing recruitment" small program on wechat to understand the latest talent needs of kibing group anytime, anywhere, and after improving your basic personal information, you can apply for the desired position and operate so easy.

talent is the core element of enterprise and social development. kibing group adheres to the talent concept of "having both ability and political integrity, not sticking to one pattern, making the best use of talents", constantly widens the talent selection channels externally, pays attention to talent cultivation internally and pays close attention to talent echelon construction.

kibing people are looking forward to your coming and building a bright future for kibing group!


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