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three subsidiaries of kibing group won self discipline award in flat glass industry

under the good situation that the national epidemic situation prevention and control has made strategic achievements and the glass market "gold sep。, silver oct." is coming, flat glass ushers in a national industry grand gathering: on august 12, the national self-discipline summary and commendation and 2020 economic operation analysis forum of china building glass and industrial glass association was held in zibo, shandong province. zhang baizhong, vice president of china building glass and industrial glass association and president of kibing group, attended the meeting.

in addition to the discussion on the development of glass industry, the conference also gave commendations and awards to the industry self-discipline advanced collective and individual in 2019, and the changxing kibing, liling kibing and zhangzhou kibing of kibing group won awards.

liling kibin and changxing qibing of kibing group were awarded the title of "self discipline advanced collective of plate glass industry in 2019", and lian yuping, deputy general manager of zhangzhou kibing, was awarded the title of "self discipline advanced individual of plate glass industry in 2019".

in the industry, kibing group has always adhered to the development concept of "change, innovation, unity, and efficiency", conscientiously do a good job in technical innovation, quality improvement, product optimization and structural upgrading, constantly promote the industry's technological progress, practice the responsibility of large enterprises, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of development. for a long time, kibing group has been actively promoting regional coordination, strengthening industry interaction, advocating and leading upward market atmosphere, and striving to promote the orderly development of the industry. it firmly opposes price manipulation, price monopoly and other illegal acts, resists abnormal price adjustment and unfair competition such as low price dumping and selling goods in pursuit of sales volume and digestion of inventory, and resolutely opposes fabrication and scattering to create a good competitive environment for the steady growth and benefit increase of the industry by distributing information on price decline, price increase, or bid up price.

within the group, kibing continues to actively promote the self-discipline construction of the group and its subsidiaries, continuously strengthens self-cultivation, strictly abides by professional ethics, advocates civilized atmosphere, improves self-management, practices industry conventions, undertakes social responsibility, and maintains market order. it also draws a red line by punishing negative typical examples, rewards positive cases, and constantly promotes the standardization and institutionalization of the company's self-discipline normalization contributes to the fair, open, just, healthy and orderly development of the industry, and escorts the improvement of quality, efficiency and high-quality development of the glass industry.

the award of this honor is not only the affirmation of the industry and association for the past efforts and achievements of kibing group, but also the spur and motivation for kibing group to firmly take the road of healthy and sustainable development.

in the future, kibing group will continue to take advantage of the national "six stability" and "six guarantees" policies, comply with the general trend of supply side structural reform, abide by policies and laws, follow market rules, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, take the initiative to adapt to the new changes, new situations and new requirements of policies and markets, strengthen industrial chain coordination, close regional cooperation and strengthen regional cooperation with "quality and efficiency" as the center information sharing, stable production, stable operation, fine main business and excellent enterprise, maintain the market order of the region, and help the glass industry to develop steadily, continuously, healthily and healthily.

president zhang baiheng, vice presidents lu minghong, wang jian, zhang shengyun, zhao shijun, president of china building glass and industrial glass association, zhou zhiwu, secretary general of the association, li hui, assistant to the president, cao tingfa, general manager of shandong jinjing science and technology co., ltd., co organizer, principal of self-discipline coordination in seven regions, relevant responsible persons of 57 float glass enterprises, as well as enterprise representatives and advanced persons who have been commended more than 150 individuals attended the meeting.

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