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          employees in order to fully feel the festive mood, rich cultural life of employees, to show kibing employees, on september 20, zhuzhou administration organization the company "to meet the mid-autumn festival, celebration of national day" fun games.
yuan xiaomei, general manager of zhuzhou float, delivered the opening remarks and sent sincere greetings to the retired employees of zhuzhou company, working staff and their families.
            activity in each department office, content rich and colorful, have reflected the "chicken run" teamwork, have embodied the wisdom and skills of "mouse move", need team "gung ho", there is a need for the "fire fighters" brave and speed, and eat moon cakes of broken belly wanda compete "taste", etc.
             in the end, the finance department of zhuzhou company won the first place in the group, and the gas protection department won the second place in the group. everyone was happy, whether or not they got the prize. as general manager yuan xiaomin said, we hope that the fun of fun games will be enjoyed in everyone, in every job, in every day of our lives.

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