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kibing group and minxi vocational and technical college signed a "school-enterprise cooperation framework agreement"

         on september 17, should minxi vocational and technical college, vice president of zhang for the invitation, baobao kibing group human resources director, recruitment consultant team leader, group jin ti wei, a vice-minister huang yibin manufacturing, equipment leilijun dynamics, technicians and other line of five people, has carried on the a two-day visit to the school, the top between the two sides in line with the principle of equality, cooperation, win-win signed the university-enterprise cooperation framework agreement.
          in the afternoon, the two sides exchanged views on the implementation of the reform programme. lin always invites the teaching team to choose the time to study, integrate the actual production operation into the course teaching, and improve the students' practical ability. the next day, the school organized a speech meeting of the kibing group, and lin briefed the students on the current development of kibing, and made a vision for the future development of the company. the golden consultant used classic cases to teach students a vivid lesson in the concept of employment.


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