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zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd., 600t/d online low-e glass debugging

         autumn, the season of harvest, kibing group co., ltd. good news, my company's first commercial operation more flexible coating machine online low-e glass production line equipment is fully through the field installation and debugging, technical indicators are better than the design requirements, especially produce online low-e glass radiation value is much lower than the national standard, fully meet the using demand of the state of architectural energy saving glass. through the successful commissioning and production of various kinds of coating, obtain first-hand data, the various online coating products to further enhance the production capacity of the various products of coating provides a powerful guarantee.
float glass coating technology is an important technology of float glass production process, besides can produce color, decoration, endothermic membrane, also can produce selective absorption and reflection and heat insulation performance of the membrane, low radiation heat reflective film with shading and minus reflection film, conductive film, etc., which greatly expanded the variety of float glass, reduces the production cost of on-line coated glass, expanded online coated glass market, can be used single chip, broke the past think it is only in the hollow glass to application of the concept of coated glass, make its construction, solar energy, transportation, electronics and other industrial indispensable high heat insulation, shading, decoration, such as conductive transparent base material. zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd., more flexible coating machine online low-e glass production line after more than a year of careful installation and debugging, in 2010, through a variety of product testing and production, the technical indicators are better than the technical agreement requirements, production line of the key indicators have reached international leading level of similar products, product order continuously, the demand.
          in recent years, kibing group has regarded technological progress and new product development as the "life project" of the enterprise, which has established the research and development center of group technology and set up various new product research and development projects. implement "5s management" in production; in the aspect of quality management, follow the quality management policy of "strict, fine, careful and refined", implement the iso9000 quality management system, and strengthen the quality control of the production link; we will vigorously carry out "continuous improvement, innovation and synergistic" activities among employees to enhance employees' creativity and pioneering spirit. at the same time, draw experience and lessons of production operation of similar products at home and abroad, seriously listen to the advice of experts at home and abroad, has carried on the comprehensive and systematic production improvement activities, repeatedly research, demonstration and optimization. through the implementation of a high starting point of industrial upgrading and product upgrading technology development projects, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and testing methods, the current kibing group has developed into china's online coating technology research and development strength, the capacity of the largest online coating energy-saving glass and solar glass manufacturing base, its equipment and development capabilities in the world advanced level.
zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd., more flexible coating machine online low-e glass production line, a variety of product development and production of success, marking the kibing group took the lead on the on-line coated glass production in the field of a new peak, marked the kibing group in make strong "domestic first-class, catch up with the international modern enterprise on the journey of a new step again!

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