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south china float glass market analysis seminar held in zhang bo successfully

        november 3, guangdong province, glass industry associations in south china float glass market analysis seminar held in zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd. held. the meeting was chaired by mr. huang shaota, secretary general of guangdong provincial glass industry association, deputy director of raw materials industry department of guangdong province, ministry of economy and information technology, csg group, xinyi glass, dongguan taiwan glass, zhongshan yufeng, jiangmen waldorf, jiangmen yisheng, xiamen informed, hainan airlines market leader attended the meeting. ge wenyao executive president, general manager of liu bohui, respectively, on behalf of kibing group, zhang bo company welcome speech.

        participating enterprises in the market leader talked about their current business development planning, market prices, the current inventory and follow-up market price trends, etc., to explore and analyze the status of the south china float glass market and the next stage of market trends.

        for the follow-up market of south china float glass, the supply of soda ash led to soaring soda ash prices, accounting, only the increase in soda ash costs to float glass production costs increased by 350 yuan / ton, the participants of the business analysis, which will also so that the time behind the north glass this year to push the time for some time. soda ash prices rose sharply affect the south china float glass market and the national float glass market, but the supply and demand is the main factor affecting the current market price increases. in previous years, 10,11 months is the glass deep processing orders more full of months, this year is no exception.

        after the meeting, liu bohui, general manager and deputy general manager of liu yousheng said that every business is our predecessors, is our example of learning. we hope that we seriously study, strengthen communication with the enterprise, cherish the opportunity to meet friends with the industry, to jointly protect the south china float glass market and work.

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