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hunan provincial committee of the standing committee, united war minister li wei a line to visit our company inspection and guidance work

        on the morning of october 14, the standing committee of hunan provincial party committee and the minister of united war, li wei, accompanied by chen junwen, secretary of zhuzhou municipal party committee, came to visit our company. kibing group, general manager of strategic investment at dai zhiwu jixuelin, group finance director, ministry of supervision of audit zheng gang, the securities management department general manager, general manager of the clock touch fai and zhuzhou yuan xiaomin float division general manager and other accompanying li changwei line visited zhuzhou kibing group co., ltd. 700 t/d float line three.
         li changwei trip is a comprehensive understanding of the purpose of private investment in hunan province and the basic information of the listed private enterprises, research and analysis the difficulties and problems, which restrict the development of the private investment in actively promote private enterprise listed, put forward to speed up the privately operated enterprise "transfer mode, adjust structure" countermeasures and suggestions. during the visit, the company leader briefed li changwei on the development history of kibing and the current situation of the company's production and operation, and expressed the desire and confidence of the kibing group to go public soon. li was satisfied with the development of kibing.

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