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kibing has a warm heart

kibing is a family of warm people
 --- kibing group 2011 new year series of staff activities
        in this new year, at the beginning of the year and the beginning of the year, in order to reflect the group's care for the staff, so that employees spend a happy and meaningful spring festival, feel the festive atmosphere of festivals, enhance the emotional communication between employees, to enhance the staff's sense of belonging to the enterprise and cohesion, the group headquarters, the glass group subsidiaries, kibing real estate regional companies carefully prepared and organized a dinner dinner, holiday holiday on duty to send new year's day red envelopes, the first day of the new year's business leaders at the door working staff and other "kibing family pro" series of activities.
toast toast
        from january 24 to january 27, at the group headquarters and zhuzhou, zhangzhou, heyuan, the subsidiaries of the canteen, the staff hung "" kibing a pro 'employee dinner dinner dinner "banner and red lanterns , the whole event scene filled with festive atmosphere, all kibing people gathered together, a common festival. dinner in the group led the new year speech kicked off, the whole process of dinner, all the participants to actively participate in the banquet for the "comrades" offer their own programs: some singing, some dancing, and some interactive games ... ...

       in the feast of wine and wine, the lottery is one of the highlights. most of the regional organizers have carefully planned the lucky draw, each participating party has the opportunity to lead the group through the random luck way, get the company sent by the fine prizes.
the biggest highlight of the dinner event is that each table is elected two senior executives for the staff services, so that everyone refreshing. i saw them tied the white apron, smiling for the staff to serve, pouring wine. middle executive do waiter, reunion table kibing people! work discipline, life we are a family, happy family!

        in addition, the new year's eve and the first day, subsidiaries and real estate companies in the regional leaders of the leadership to the various departments to persuade employees to adhere to the post, give them the blessing of the festival and issued new year red envelopes. early in the early morning of the year, the leaders of the subsidiaries in the company's door to greet the first day of the new year to the company to work staff, fully affirmed every company to ensure the normal safety of production, in the family reunion, share the grandchildren holiday , still stick to the staff in their respective positions of self-dedication, and for them to send the blessing of the new year. during the period, the regional company leaders in conjunction with the personnel department staff, for the relevant personnel to send a new red envelope, sent to the group of employees blessing and care.

       "kibing a family" series of activities has been a complete success, so that everyone in the kibing this family feel warm.

       the new year opens new hope, the new course carries new dreams. wish kibing albert to create a glorious chapter.

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