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zhuzhou glass division in 2010 to accelerate the promotion of new industrial appraisal rating third prize

        zhuzhou city, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, zhuzhou glass business department conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development, and actively in accordance with the municipal government "target to improve the standard to enhance the development speed" requirements, to balance production, balanced development, opportunity, and actively implement the "5115" project, by the communist party of china zhuzhou municipal committee, zhuzhou municipal people's government office as "2010 to accelerate the new industrialization of the third prize", 100,000 yuan government awards again settled in zhuzhou kibing. this is the third consecutive year (the city's private enterprises only one) won this award.

       during the "eleventh five-year" period, zhuzhou glass group from small to large, step by step to gradually develop and grow; five years of sales revenue, profits and taxes, energy-saving technological transformation, clean energy, fixed asset investment and other indicators a year to a higher level, for enterprises among the zhuzhou "5115" project and glass industry leader has laid a good foundation, has become a new bright spot for the rapid growth of zhuzhou economy. kibing photovoltaic glass industry base to support the overall listing of kibing group, the approval of new projects and kibing railway line construction projects were included in zhuzhou city, shifeng district in 2011 to support and assist the work.

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