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chinese teachers and students "flag shore line"

to strengthen exchanges and interaction between colleges, establishing channels, talent reserves for kibing group development to lay the good foundation of talent strategy, human resources, inviting the overseas chinese university teachers and students to visit my group communication.
april 16 in the morning, a sunny weekend, huaqiao university civil engineering professional teachers and students a line of 19 people, with a youthful vitality to the most beautiful island hercynian - dongshan island, under the leadership of accompanying commentary in the sales department, the students visited by over southeast coastline of majestic momentum, shape the world-class coastal resort community, mainly of flashy and seaview apartment kibing, international of the territorial sea.
at noon, the students and the company leaders had lunch, the interaction between meals, students felt the kindness of our leaders, and felt the warmth of the family of kibing.
after dinner, the human resources manager hu youan vocal communication with students, from kibing group of evolution and development, the future development of future, enterprise culture and management system, and to answer the students about the migration of household registration, salary all sorts of questions, such as end in a relaxed and free interactive communication. at 2 pm, hu jingli accompanied college students came to zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd., manufacture a visit, make students to glass production process had a deeper understanding of, to feel more intuitive way of new and high technology.
"i have a better understanding of the kibing group and feel the happy working atmosphere and comfortable environment here, which has benefited me a lot," said huang cheng, a college student after the end of the kibing tour. during the period, a number of students submitted their resumes to our hands and expressed their wish to be part of kibing.
kibing, a modern private enterprise, a fast-growing enterprises, industrious kibing people not content with the status quo, entered the new period of development, we need to introduce a large number of technical personnel and management personnel, inheritance, shaping, break through the company culture. the spirit of the "unremittingly progressive and innovative" kibing will lead us to a better tomorrow.

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