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blossoming youth

blossoming youth
-- -- young college students series activities report
to make staff amateur life become more rich and active, create a relaxed, harmonious amateur life atmosphere, strengthen the communication between the young employees, group organisation in succession the "may 4th youth day the youth fraternity activity" and "young college students dragon boat festival celebration tea", presented a build into and learn each other's learning.

        meets the communication meeting with "share learning experiences growing up, and promote the kibing employees" as the theme, respectively in glass dining room with kibing international group headquarters cafeteria, territorial sea, including participants from each group company (department) of young college students and senior executives in a total of more than 500.
this series of activities has been supported and valued by the leadership of the group company, and the group marketing management department, general manager liu baihui, ceo of group ge wenyao, delivered a warm speech. college students and youth staff talked about how to shift from students for enterprise employees, how to adapt kibing concept and enterprise culture, how to career planning, combined with their own growth, become useful experience, the youth staff should be based on posts, study hard, hard work, innovation and dedication, consciously make a useful to society, to the enterprise, to the family, let the participants to benefit a lot from it.
the may 4th youth fraternity will exchange experience and progress
at the may 4th party, the representative of young college students spoke out about the actual situation of their positions, and communicated with the participants about their growing experience in kibing.
the assistant manager of the general working room, su feng rong, made a speech entitled "to be a useful person to the enterprise". in five years, he said, he has learned about working in different positions and departments. to be a useful person for the development of an enterprise in the ordinary post should have the spirit of hard work; to be a useful person in the management position to have the basic experience, patience, communication and other conditions to the higher management post; to be a useful person in a technical position is to have constant learning and rigorous attitude. in this way, we can experience and create happiness in the process of enterprise development and get corresponding rewards.
the deputy manager of zhangzhou b materials purchasing group du jianfeng made a statement entitled "strive to be a qualified kibing man". he combine with the idea of enterprise management and enterprise culture and their experience in the work, suggest to be strict with themselves, those who start from the intravenous drip, keep learning, to constantly improve their business level and management ability, to keep pace with the development of the kibing pace, can not eliminated by society, hope that we build up confidence, firm faith, flying dream, set sail, with kibing reached the shore of victory.
in addition, lin rongmao, a graduate student who graduated in 2009, made a statement entitled "work as your career". li hong, a new employee who graduated in 2010, made a statement titled "i believe i can do better."
sharing the growth experience to celebrate the dragon boat festival
on the evening of june 1st, students from all levels of college students delivered impromptu speeches at the dragon boat festival, and also shared their own experiences of growing up with kibing.
now, the manager of president office secretariat, mr. pan zongze, has been sharing with you from a recent graduate student to a management staff. tell you, the work is no small matter, in fact, each a seemingly small things, it doesn't matter, it may be a key element in one important work, tell everyone to pay attention to seemingly minor work, to do every thing, one step at a time, can make great progress and the growth of the real.
now is an assistant engineer of 08 level represents cynthia also spoke "the beauty of dongshan island", she said, she is a girl from hubei, nearly 3 years to dongshan, dongshan attracted her graceful environment, the rapid development of kibing group is provided for her talent of the stage, she will take root kibing, continuous learning, accumulation and innovation, improve and grow up together with kibing.
representatives from the class of 2009, including fang yu, zhang lifen and 11 representatives of lin hua, also made in-depth exchanges with the participants.
in addition to exchange experience, weaving colorful cultural and artistic performance, make whole fellowship activities in the joyful atmosphere, group dance training classes and english conversation class students and departments are also brought wonderful show performance, added the lively atmosphere, participants. the dance performance of the students of the national standard dance class is fluent and textured, which fully embodies the elegance and grace of the court dance. english conversation class of english song song, let you feel the english is not so profound, as long as take pains, originally afraid we can not only speak fluent english, sings well.
postscript: in group management consultant dr chen xianzhang initiative, organization, coordination, has carried out a series of activities, such as the report of "the may 4th youth day activity" ", "" tea party", and dance training, training of english conversation and a series of activities, enrich the amateur cultural life of the masses of workers, stimulate the enthusiasm of study and work. other activities will be organized in succession to add color to the amateur life of the kibing staff.


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