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culture and cultural activities

        may of zhuzhou, ying fei grass long, sunny. in this beautiful season, by the kibing group plant glass organization staff of the sports enthusiasts club was established, and has more than 30 members. the members of the club come from various departments and different groups, they also have the same hobby is the sport.
        in the spirit of exercise, enhance friendship, happy movement, the club on may 25 organized the first formal members of the collective activities. after dinner, more than 20 members came to zhuzhou hexi gymnasium, participated in the club organized by the five-a-side football game. the players on the track are active running and scraping, no matter how the level of technology, whether young or old master, are exudes vitality and momentum, next to the cheerleaders are fuel to force, fully demonstrated our kibing staff good spirit style.
      as more and more employees join, the club will call on everyone to organize more sports and cultural activities. through this event, we have said that in the future to participate in such activities, you can through the club this exchange platform, know more colleagues and friends, to promote kibing group's corporate culture, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

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