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kibing group successfully held online tco glass product promotion meeting

        from 12 to 13 june, kibing group held a "kibing group online tco glass products promotion conference" and "kibing group online tco glass symposium" in xiamen and dongshan respectively at the time of the straits forum. from the chinese renewable energy society, the national photovoltaic industry, tsinghua university, xiamen university, more than 10 colleges and universities more than 20 experts and scholars, as well as the united states to the new solar energy, taiwan union photoelectric, hannover holdings, jun shi energy, xiamen cable the company's chairman and general manager, participated in the event, we on the photovoltaic industry and deep-seated areas of development technology and business were discussed and research on the kibing group in the the first domestic development of online tco photovoltaic solar glass success have expressed congratulations and praise, kibing online tco products to achieve the performance indicators to fully affirmed.

        kibing group has been developing high-end energy-saving glass and photovoltaic solar glass products from dongshan island in fujian since 2007. it has introduced the online cvd coating technology of the united states and introduced technical experts in the united kingdom and china to develop the application of cvd coating technology. research, following the line low-e energy-saving glass to achieve large-scale production, the new development and thin film solar cell industry supporting online tco photovoltaic solar coated glass has also successfully achieved industrial production, as japan's asahi glass and the british pilkington two home company, china's first, the world's third to achieve online tco photovoltaic solar coated glass industrial production enterprises. kibing group on the basis of the introduction of cvd coating technology, self-developed and mastered the online low-e energy-saving glass, online tco photovoltaic solar glass and other high-end products, innovative production technology to optimize the film structure, and will gradually achieve independent intellectual property rights the core technology. its online tco coated glass, the domestic thin film solar cell business of the initial test, the key technical indicators to meet or exceed the performance of similar products imported, fully meet the thin film solar cell business needs.
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        june 13, attended by more than 50 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to dongshan kibing glass production base for on-site inspection, and dongshan county to be built photovoltaic and glass new material industrial park planning and site to understand the dongshan playing the country and even asia's largest photovoltaic and glass new materials manufacturing center had a keen interest, said they would give strong support. dongshan people in the 'a grain of sand' into a 'large glass industry' on the basis of the high-end glass industry to continue to upgrade to green energy components, energy-saving materials manufacturing center's second dream.

      it is reported that dongshan pv and glass new materials manufacturing center, will introduce thin film solar cells, polysilicon solar cells and other related high degree of supporting projects. will be kibing glass as the basis, the kibing group of various high-tech glass materials into high-tech, high value-added new materials, green energy components, thus forming silica sand - high-grade glass - high-grade glass deep processing - high-end glass supporting industry the development of photovoltaic industry downstream products and supporting the development of photovoltaic products and supporting the development of new products, such as the development of new products, such as the development of new products, such as solar energy, equipment, etc., to promote dongshan glass industry to the depth of the direction of development.


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