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integrity win-win create brilliant

-kibing group focused strategic cooperation business meeting was held

       value of the kibing group (601636) the occasion of the successful listing, in order to thank the majority of merchants over the years the strong support and help to promote energy-saving and photovoltaic solar glass and other high-end products, and cooperation with the majority of customers win-win to create a more favorable environment, more solid foundation, kibing group on august 16 and 19 in two batches in fujian dongshan grand held a strategic cooperation business talks.

        participate in the meeting guests have domestic solar experts, suppliers and glass sales customers across the country, as well as related leaders a total of more than 800 people.

        during the meeting, the majority of merchants were accompanied by the company staff, to kibing production base to visit and study, visited the zhang glass company glass production line, terminal and glass model room kibing group production and operation base, visited the dongshan county cultural center and other places the so that customers more fully understand the kibing group comprehensive strength, new products, new technologies and other core competitive advantage. at the same time, merchants also participated in the dongshan county photovoltaic and glass new material industrial park foundation laying ceremony and promotion, dongshan county, the future development plan and so have a more in-depth understanding.

        at the fair, the majority of customers and kibing group on how to better cooperate with the kibing group in improving the high-tech products, production and manufacture of high value-added new materials, to create green energy components, from silica sand - high-grade glass - glass deep processing - high-end glass industry supporting a complete industrial chain and other aspects of a wide range of in-depth discussion for the future cooperation and development direction to clarify the idea, laid a good foundation.

         through the convening of the fair, the majority of merchants are more confident of kibing group's tomorrow.

participants participate in dongshan pv and glass new material industrial park promotion

participants attended the fair

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