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portrait of blessings

- the first "kibing • marina voice" singing contest

       to celebrate the success of the kibing group on the shanghai stock exchange on 12 august, enriching the amateur cultural life of the broad masses of employees of the group to stimulate the study and enthusiasm of the staff. on the evening of august 15th, the first "kibing • marina voice" singing competition hosted by the president's office was held in the territorial waters international theme park.

       that night, zhang bo company, zhangzhou kibing property co., ltd. and hundreds of employees at headquarters to participate in the singing contest. gu xincai teacher, pan na teacher, ye dan, deputy manager, hu youan manager, lin yi manager, rao yahui vice president, assistant general manager of ficus, liu shuqiang, general manager and other eight guests together as a judge.

       the game kicked off at the wonderful hip-hop show and the host's passionate opening story. the whole game is brilliant, the procurement supervision group huang huifen singing "dawn", touching lyrics, moving melody, so that the audience could not help being brought into the lyrics of the mood. zhang bo sales tian chen pei singing the "new concubine drunk", he used "double sound" singing, the male and female voice changes in the interpretation of seamless, to win the audience bursts of applause! with a song by the zhang bo, the ministry of fuel he huihui singing "jingzhong serve the country", the whole game to a climax, won the scene of every audience bursts of applause.

        comprehensive supervision and management of cai meiling "single", zhangzhou real estate sales ye yin's "snowman", network information publicity group zhu yan shan's "lying" and other tracks of the wonderful performances, won the audience cheers and judges praise. light stick waving, friends and relatives of the high emotions, applause and cheers come and go, warm flowers more contrast to the intense atmosphere of the game intense.

        the "kibing" voice of the sea "singing contest has been kibing group, the positive response of all staff, but also achieved gratifying results. in the real estate development and development department shen zhijian portrait after singing, the lucky staff of the lottery session, again the game once again to a climax. in the end, after the fierce competition among the contestants, he huiyuan of zhang bo's ministry of fuel, won the first prize of "kibing • binhai voices" singing competition; lin xiangdong of zhang bo equipment power department and she qinhua of zhangzhou regional finance department second-class award; zhangzhou sales tian chen pei, network information group zhu yan shan, zhang bobao liu lixin were third prize; real estate zhangzhou sales ye yin, zhang bo sales wu shu, zhang bo equipment power unit zhang ao , the ministry of supervision and management huang huifen were the "best excellence award", "the most beautiful song", "best potential", "best popularity award."

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