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zhu glass won the zhuzhou city, "eleventh five-year" industrial energy-saving work advanced unit title

        "eleventh five-year" period, the company under the leadership of chairman yu qibing, by virtue of the group's financial advantages, management advantages, operating mechanism and the original zhuzhou glass factory technical advantages, geographical location advantages, continue to carry forward "unremitting progress, continuous innovation" kibing spirit, the company gradually grow and develop, brand and market awareness significantly improved market share continues to expand, the overall strength of the same industry in hunan province ranked first. through continuous technological upgrading, kibing group quickly ranked among the top eight domestic large-scale glass industry. companies in the development and growth at the same time, five years has been to improve energy efficiency as the core, and actively promote the use of new energy-saving technologies, low energy consumption, high quality, pollution-free recycling economy model has become my company's long-term pursuit of goals. zhuzhou city economic and information committee of the city's more than a thousand industrial enterprises in the "eleventh five-year" period of energy saving, emission reduction, energy consumption, clean energy production work to verify the assessment assessment, the company invested heavily in technological innovation, energy-saving technology significant results, the decline in energy consumption and other indicators exceeded the city's energy-saving plan, was named "eleventh five-year" energy-saving advanced units (the city only four companies on the list).

        with the rise of low-carbon economic model and the introduction of national energy-saving policies and the construction of solar energy industry, our company will be listed as a success opportunity to continue to increase investment in technological innovation, and constantly strengthen the internal management to enhance the level of process management, glass varieties will transition to high-end, thereby extending the industrial chain, improve product added value, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry and viability, "second five" energy-saving plan to open a good bureau.

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