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zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd. was "shou contract re-credit units" honorary title

       in order to actively promote the development of enterprises and even the credibility of the global economy, to create a harmonious and safe market trading environment, maintaining a fair and orderly market economic order, the government attaches great importance to the performance of corporate contracts and production of product quality reputation, and held the 2009-2010 " contract re - credit "enterprise selection activities. division i in line with the fujian province, "shou contract re-credit" unit selection criteria and standards, and actively declare and participate in the selection, and ultimately through the provincial trade and industry bureau, the municipal trade and industry bureau, the city shou contract re-credit business association "shou contract re-credit units" strict inspection review, recently, won the zhangzhou municipal people's government issued the 2009-2010 "shou contract re-credit units," the glorious title.
       zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd. since its inception in 2007, inherited the original zhuzhou glass factory on the basis of the management model, and actively carry out "shou contract re-credit" activities in the management model to establish a set of kibing characteristics of the enterprise credit system the the company set up a complete set of contract management processes and systems, the establishment of the enterprise contract credit management system. contract file, user file preservation complete, complete.

        2009 - 2010 signed by the specific content of the contract, the terms clear, complete procedures, a clear responsibility. the company strictly in accordance with the "contract law" and the relevant laws and regulations, comprehensive and conscious implementation of the contract. to carry out training of legal knowledge courses, enhance contract performance and improve contract performance; from the understanding of a comprehensive and objective compliance with the terms of the contract, according to the terms of fulfillment obligations, enjoy the right. the company also set up a legal affairs group to review the legality and rationality of all contracts of the company and to conduct comprehensive management of the contract filings. so that the company as much as possible without prejudice to the interests of any party under the premise of a legitimate, fair and impartial to deal with economic exchanges, customers and the majority of suppliers have been well received, so that the credibility of enterprises to carry forward.

        the zhangzhou municipal people's government to give me secretary "shou contract re-credit units," the honorary title, it is for our work, the credibility of our business affirmation. therefore, in the future business activities, we should further strengthen the product quality, strengthen management, and strengthen quality service, in strict accordance with the law, business integrity, and protect the interests of customers and the majority of suppliers to promote the economic efficiency of enterprises continue to improve, enterprise development and growth.


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