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the first batch of products of zhangbo company 800t/d went into production in guangdong

the production line of the 800t/d ultra white optical vlf was held on september 15, 2011. the fire broke out on october 2, after more than 20 days of steady heating in the oven, and the head was successfully used on october 9. on october 10th, the first batch of products were sold to guangdong and achieved good social and economic benefits.
get bo lei company deputy general manager said that in order to ensure that the four line 800 t/d production line successfully put into production, the group company and get a glass company leadership and staff of the preparation, is mainly to the construction of the production line to work overtime and installation, new staff training and leadership cadre selection. during construction and operation, mr ge ceo, general manager shao jingchu, liu baihui, liu liwu general manager and other leaders have held meetings, general manager of the deployment, and performance in office to solve practical problems. technical research and development center and the technician of the general working room have solved the technical problems by tackling the main technical parameters, and ensured that the four lines are set to go into production on time.
at present, four wire has been ㎜ thickness 4 and 5 ㎜ mass production product, the test and the annealing quality and cut through the desired effect. on october 19, the production thickness was 3. 7 ㎜ glass, look from the flatness and the cutting effect is good, the difference of thickness control also is very good (0.05 mm), the next step for trial production thickness is 6 mm to 15 mm products, through the production of various thickness of different types and specifications of the product to verify, annealing kiln, the cold end of tin bath can meet the design requirements. we aim to reduce safety accidents, reduce single consumption, improve product rate, and quickly improve the quality of production. we are ready to increase the pull volume to over 900t/d.
the product positioning is mainly applied to the processing industry such as tco glass of thin film solar battery, energy-saving glass of high-end building, glass of furniture decoration glass and glass of lamps and lanterns. his production, meeting the demand of the current glass market, enhanced the company's market competitiveness, and brought new growth points for the company's profits. the company has achieved technological and technological breakthroughs in energy conservation and photovoltaic glass, indicating that the kibing group will become a leading domestic and international leading enterprise in the market.

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