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strengthen professional skills training pay attention to special operations safety

        in order to further improve the theoretical level and operational skills of the company's special operations personnel, strengthen the safety awareness and prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. on november 21 ~ 23, 2011, and get a glass company synergy test special equipment inspection institute of fujian province zhangzhou branch branch, professional skill appraisal station in hr training room organization carried out special operations personnel safety operation skills training, a total of 126 from forklifts, forklift, crane post staff to attend training.
the training group invited experts from the zhangzhou special inspection institute to come to teach. during the three days of training, the teachers gave special lectures on the safety of common sense, basic theoretical knowledge, and professional skills. after the training, the teachers conducted a rigorous examination and assessment.
the development of this training has led to a deeper understanding of the operation of special operation safety specifications by company special operators. it further strengthened the concept of safety production of company special operators, and further strengthened the company's production safety management.

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