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fujian province, the second batch of high - level entrepreneurial innovation talent to visit the division to visit our company

       december 23, 2011 afternoon, the second batch of fujian province to introduce high-level entrepreneurial innovation talent field visit group to visit our company for field trips. the site visits were held in the conference room of the kibing group headquarters. mr. lin baoda, director of the group's human resources department, chaired the meeting and mr. ge wenyao, president of the group, attended the meeting.

        at the inspection meeting, the general manager of technology research and development center shao jingchu on behalf of the innovation team on the "float glass on-line high-temperature nano-functional film substrate r & d and industrial production" to the provincial inspection group of experts made a detailed report. and the provincial inspection group of experts on the establishment of enterprises, registered capital, staff in fujian working hours, project pollution and other issues to answer one by one. subsequently, the provincial inspection team experts to zhangzhou glass company sample room for field visits, zhang bo, deputy general manager of the company waiting to visit ms. ying, and the sample room related products to introduce.

       shao jingchu innovation team to declare success, will be in fujian province, and even the national media publicity reports, which will zhangzhou kibing glass co., ltd. have a greater impact. can promote the introduction of kibing glass talent and talent strategy implementation, to achieve substantial expansion and a high degree of promotion; can promote zhangzhou kibing enterprise economic development, lay a solid foundation; can drive zhangzhou kibing enterprise products to high-end energy saving, leading the scientific and technological progress in fujian province make a significant contribution.

provincial inspection team to listen to the report

hou yinglan, vice president of the province to study the introduction of tco conductive glass development

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