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premier wen jiabao of the state council visited our company

        on january 2, wen jiabao, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the cpc central committee and premier of the state council, accompanied by zhou qiang, secretary of the hunan provincial party committee and other leaders, came to zhuzhou glass group to hold a symposium. the symposium was premier wen's visit to hunan cadres and the masses to study the economic operation, "a line of three business leaders held in one of the forum.

         at the symposium, yu qi bing, chairman of the group, and mr. shao jingchu, director of technology development, made a presentation to the prime minister. he briefed the group on the development of the glass industry and the product composition, and further developed the development of low-energy glass and transparent conductive film photovoltaic glass as well as high-end product application prospects, at the same time, it is recommended to better promote these high-end products in the country and the need for strong national policy support. the prime minister said that through the symposium, the understanding of the actual development of the glass industry.

         after the symposium, the prime minister visited the sample room built by the energy-saving glass, and by the chairman yu qi bing and technical research and development director shao jingchu further on the advantages of energy-saving glass on-site introduction and description.

yu dong greeted prime minister

premier wen jiabao watch energy - saving glass model room

the prime minister waved to the staff

the prime minister put forward his job expectations

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