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kibing group holds tax knowledge training

        february 24, 2011, by the group's financial management and human resources co-organized by the focus of tax knowledge training in the group training room. group financial management department invited ningbo haiyue tax accountants firm, the national super-registered tax accountants mr. bao xinmin to dongshan teaching. the training aims to raise the group's taxpayers and auditors' awareness of the latest development of the accounting standards for business enterprises 2007 - 2011 and the understanding of the 2011 major tax policy and accounting practices.
        mr. bao xinmin mainly focus on the impact of value-added tax reform on the upstream and downstream enterprises and the response of enterprises to explain, so that financial staff on the value-added tax pilot have a certain understanding of the same time on corporate accounting standards 2007 - 2011 the latest development and major tax matters and accounting practice to focus on the explanation.
         through the training, the majority of students understand the new development of corporate accounting standards, major tax matters and accounting matters related knowledge, have said that through the training to broaden their horizons, understand the new accounting policy, the future work of a certain guiding significance.

mr. bao xinmin in teaching tax knowledge

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