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kibing group research project results

first, with excellent technical research and development facilities

        kibing group has the provincial engineering technology center of fujian province, equipped with raw material laboratory, coating film design and performance testing laboratory, glass product performance testing laboratory, fuel diversification test and test laboratory, thin film solar cell test and test lab, glass formulation test and test lab. various laboratories in the various tests and testing of advanced equipment and equipment to meet a variety of building energy-saving glass, solar glass test and test requirements, effectively advancing the development of new glass products and new technologies.

second, technology research and development projects and results

        in recent years, the company has developed a series of new products, including online low-e coated glass, online tco glass, solar-kb glass, flagfront green coated glass, flag bin lan coated glass, f green coated glass, european gray (blue) stained glass, ocean blue stained glass, seawater blue stained glass and so on. which flag water green coated glass, the european gray color glass won the zhuzhou city, hunan province, innovative product certification. solar thin film batteries with online tco glass access to the ministry of science and technology, ministry of environmental protection, ministry of commerce, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine jointly issued the "national key new product certificate."

      "solar thin film battery with on-line conductive glass industry to complete sets of technology and application development" won the 2012 china building materials science and technology progress award (second prize).

      "online sun control flag water green coated glass" won the 2012 "north building materials cup" national building materials industry technology innovation award (second prize).

        the company has applied for 21 patents: 12 patents granted, of which five authorized invention patents (2 to buy), seven authorized utility model patents. the other nine patents are being accepted. 2012 won the fujian provincial patent award 1. published science and technology papers 7.

third, energy-saving and solar energy production equipment technology leader

        zhangzhou glass second-line investment in the online low-e core coating technology, coating equipment and coating chemicals are the world's leading supplier of chemical and coating technology, the introduction of the united states akema. the company and the british fgc company technical cooperation, the composition of the joint development team, the development of float glass production line online cvd coating technology, has been installed in the zhangzhou glass three lines of debugging. joint development team on the float glass surface modification of new technologies and new products for a series of comprehensive study, to be developed a variety of new products to meet the building energy efficiency, solar energy, electronic display and other industries needs for the company's technological innovation re-development laid the foundation for the international and domestic online cvd coating technology has a leading edge.

fourth, high-tech into the national key projects

         june 2012 zhangzhou glass company provides "solar thin film battery with online tco conductive glass technology research and development and industrialization" and "solar thin film battery with online tco glass" were identified by the national scientific and technological achievements and new products and new technology identification. national ministry of science and technology 2012 national torch program and the national key new product plan project, the zhangzhou glass company "solar thin film battery with online tco glass" included in the national key new product planning project.


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